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news 4's derek ward is live for us in gaithersburg with more on the investigation that some say is bringing back memories of the natalee holloway case. derek? >> reporter: indeed it is, in more ways than one. we are here in the neighborhood, that is the home to the man who is being detained in aruba in connection with this case. we spoke to some of his neighbors, didn't want to go on camera, but tell us while he's cordial, they are surprised to hear this development on their back doorsteps. now, 50-year-old gary giordano is being held in aruba in connection with the disappearance of the woman. he's had a few cases in montgomery county courts some, of them involving domestic violence charges from a number of women. giordano had reported gardiner missing on august 2nd. they had been snorkeling off the island of aruba, he told
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authorities as they swam back to shore, he turned and saw that gardiner disappeared. a subsequent search and rescue mission turned up no signs of gardiner. family and friends, including gardiner's boyfriend who channel 4 talked to yesterday, started a facebook page to drum up support, and they also contacted the natalee holloway research center in d.c. for more help. >> our main focus is not search and recovery, it's actually disseminating information to the media to get media's involvement in reporting the case, so there's awareness throughout the country, internationally about this case, and then help the families with a plan of action of what they should do, and the steps to go about the search and recovery. >> and, of course, that could be as difficult as the not knowing for families, and, of course, now, beth holliway, the mother of natalee holloway, another young woman from the u.s. who is
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missing in aruba at that point. that case has yet to be solved. by her involvement, she does have intimate understanding of some of the workings there and it could be indispensable if this family searches for answers. >> thank you. and right now, wall street continues to dominate our news. we're following developments there, it's been another volatile day of trading, a jittery start, then stocks started to rally after the federal reserve decided to keep interest rates low for two more years to help spur the nation's still struggling economy. at first that decision by the fed, it rattled investors, but by the bell stocks were starting to recover. the dow gained 429 points, moved back above the 11,000 mark once again. the nasdaq up 124 points to
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2,482 and the s&p gained 53 points. what a couple days it's been. a financial services firm based in maryland, joe is with us. >> there was a lot of negative sentiment rolling in from yesterday. which is totally understandable. a lot of people just got a lot of faith out of what they heard from the fed today, which is pretty surprising, because what the fed had to say wasn't all that positive. i suppose the good news to take out of it, the feds are going to be aggressive on keeping interest rates low, which is gasoline on the fire for the economy. not necessarily a good move for the long run. >> really, is that all it takes in a market like this, or is there just so much going on in this pulsating central nervous system that it's kind of hard to pinpoint exactly when it starts to run, it's just running in any direction? >> yeah, i think right now it's tough to tell.
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if you have concerns about the economy, the debt downgrade and the situation in europe, where you have a lot of countries that are in much worse shape than we are fiscallying and the news is on us these days. i do think the move forward with interest rates, keeping them low is a good deal in the short run. the long run we're going to have higher borrowing costs as a result of it. and maybe inflation. i think the dow industrials are looking to get past that today. a concern about what's happening in front of them. >> for those of us who aren't experts at this, but we do have 401(k)'s, that are heavily invested, in who knows what at this point. what are we supposed to be doing? are we supposed to avert our eyes and just go along with our lives and not look for a while? >> that's exactly what you should do. sit there at work and keep refreshing yahoo finance. it gets in your head that these are stock quotes you own instead of businesses. the way you should be thinking
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as an investor, over the business driven 3perspective, when you buy stock, you buy a stake in that business, instead of buying a piece of paper that you're looking to trade or flip. >> joe mager. thanks so much for coming in. we appreciate you. thanks. well, it's been nearly 30 years since the nation pal jobless rate has been this high. and the pain of unemployment is evident in the district where the number of people out of work has been climbing since march. recently the department stats show d.c.'s unemployment rate at 10.4% now. maryland stands at 7%, virginia at 6%. there was help today for thousands of people hoping to get hired. tom sherwood is here with details for us. >> this region is one of the best areas in the country for finding a job. that doesn't mean that a lot of people out there aren't suffering. at the gleaming washington
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convention center tuesday, the gloomy job market's first hint was this long line at the foot of the escalator, the slow moving long line. thousands of people cued up in hopes of getting that interview, that chance. >> have you ever been in line this long? >> yes, registration for college. i've been through it before, it's no big deal. you have to have patience and believe in god. that's all you have to do, believe. >> i have to tell you, this is record breaking. but far beyond that, it's heartbreaking. >> this is eleanor's 14th job fair. 100 private companies or government agencies were represented at this annual job fair. as thousands of people filled out applications and talked to recruiters, all in hopes of landing a job. any job. >> it shows you, people just want to work, and if the government would put some money into the economy, make some
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demands, these people would get jobs, then would then put back into the economy. >> i see a lot of people with a lot of mope. you have to have that when you come into this. you can't come in discouraged. it shows on you. >> kevin woods went to buoy state and is looking for a job in tv production. >> tell the camera your name, and that you want a job. >> my name is kevin woods, and i want a job from you. >> now, i've got kevin's resume, if anyone wants to give him a job, jim, back to you. >> go kevin. let's get a check on our forecast. scattered showers moving through parts of our area right now. >> doug kammerer is tracking it all for us from the storm center. what's the late sneft. >> one of those showers moving over us here in northwest washington. you can see what i'm talking about, that rain making its way through the area right now, with some light to moderate rain, really no -- or not too much in the way of thunder out there.
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there are a couple rolls of thunder. a little bit of a line from baltimore, down toward the south toward washington, and eventually down in prince william county. even stafford county, the storms right now, strongest storms still up toward anne arundel county. those storms starting to weaken a little bit. another one in toward northwest washington. that will continue to move through the district. get another one out toward the oxon hill area, toward the beltway. right now, they are scattered and they're going to be that way for the rest of the evening. 93 degrees, the current temperature at the airport. still rather warm and humid today, as we move on through the rest of the evening, we're going to stick on this warm side, by the time you wake up tomorrow, you'll notice a change in the air mass, it gets even better. wait until you see the forecast i have for you. >> all right. thanks, doug. now we have a developing story overseas. 16,000 police officers suiting up and flooding the streets of
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london, trying to prevent a fourth night of violence there. one person has reportedly been killed in the riots that started saturday in london and quickly spread to birmingham, bristol and liverpool. damage to london businesses alone, estimated at more than $161 million. david cameron cutting short a vacation in italy to come home to address this emergency. and he called parliament in from its summer break as well. here at home, a final homecoming today for the 30 u.s. troops killed when their helicopter was shot down over afghanistan on saturday. two military transport jets landed at dover air force base this morning. flag draped silver caskets carrying the remains of the fallen. president obama made an unannounced trip to dover to be with those families. the tragedy is starting to sink in. >> it doesn't hit home until it's somebody close or a good friend or a relative.
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>> but it's especially sad to look at somebody with his class and character and his heart. >> because of the catastrophic nature of this crash, military officials say they have not been able to identify each set of remains. they do plan to do that at dover in the weeks to come. d.c. police say the all hands on deck initiative will go on despite a recent ruling by the public employee relations board. the labor board ruled the operations that flood city streets every summer with every available officer was a violation of the police contract. and ordered the city to pay millions in overtime. but police chief kathy lanier says the department is considering an appeal, and she adds the police union originally supported the initiative. >> he was in support of the all hands on deck, it gave the officers more time to prepare, to schedule vacations. it didn't take away their days off. they still had a regular 40 hour
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workweek without any overtime. >> their interpretation is lost at every single stage of this, and as you know from our victories and arbitrations, most of the time they lose also. >> the cost of overtime will run into the millions of dollars, but chief lanier says it will be much less than that. coming up next at 5:00, a swamp fire in virginia, impacting people miles away from the scene in a different state. a hollywood bad boy creating bad blood in the d.c. area. new research is challenging the effectiveness of the treatment that thousands depend on to stay alive. news 4 at 5:00 is just getting started. [ male announcer ] want a better way to track what you spend?
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at the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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visit today. african-americans are three times more likely than caucasians to suffer from kidney disease. >> a study found that african-american patients survive longer on dialysis than whites. >> half a million americans are on dialysis, the process that
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mimics the role of the kidneys, by removing waste, salt and extra water from the blood. >> conventional wisdom in the field of dialysis is that african-americans do better on dialysis than caucasians. >> now, a new study is challenging that theory. researchers looked at the medical records of over a million patients. when they broke down the data by age, they were surprised to find the benefit did not aplay to patients under the age of 80. >> the previous studies had masked the difference between the young people and the old people. >> reporter: the youngest african-american patients were actually twice as likely to die on dialysis when compared to their white counterparts. >> if you are african-american and young and on dialysis, you
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need to pursue kidney transplantation you need to look for a donor and pursue being put on the waiting list. >> reporter: doctors aren't sure why young patients have such a disadvantage. one possibility they are too young to apply for medicare. >> researchers say there are 50,000 african-american dialysis patients under the age of 50 in the united states. a thick veil of smoke is spreading across charles county. the blaze has burned more than 2,000 acres here at the great dismal swamp. national wildlife refuge on the state line with virginia and north carolina. the fire was sparked by lightning last thursday. a shift in the wind is expected to blow a lot of that smoke offshore tonight. that looks like whiteout smoke,
5:17 pm
you can barely see in front of you. >> that was down in southern virginia, that's where the video was. the smoke this morning, in st. mary's that was about 9:00, 9:30 and then the wind shoift. i was watching that smoke plume come right up the chesapeake bay. >> that travelled a great distance. >> fortunately it is moving out to sea. some of us have storms, others on the dry side, and still on the warm and humid side. you can see the clouds building around the area as we look off toward the north and west. you can see the national cathedral there off to the left of your screen. we have showers and thunderstorms out there, not a lot of thunder with these, but we've seen some lightning strikes. some winds as well. you can see where these showers are. very widely scattered. not everyone's going to see them, there's one storm making its way. another one just to the east of the beltway here in prince georges county, another one inside the district making its
5:18 pm
way toward maryland. more down toward fairfax county and further to the south. can you see exactly where this storm is. right around the mount rainer area, you'll see storm. down toward fairfax county, this is 95, mount vernon starting to see some rain. right along route 1. most of this moderate ryain, yo will see a brief heavy downpour. that's about it. another one just to the south of dale city. 93 degrees out there right now. hopefully that one shower will come in and help to cool us off a little bit. you can see where the rain has been, baltimore, 75 degrees right now, annapolis is 90, i bet you're going to be cool er n the next hour. we have that area of low pressure making its way through
5:19 pm
the area right now, with that cold front that front will continue to move on flew, it will still be warm tomorrow, but our humidity will be much lower. that's going to be good news. even better news is what happens next. watch this front. this front making its way straight out of canada, down toward our region. just beautiful weather with high pressure dominating the region on thursday and friday. i think we're in for a great end of the week. the weekend however a little bit of a different story. we'll talk about that in a second. a few storms, warm and humid it still nice this evening. any of those storms that do develop will bring you a brief heavy shower. tomorrow morning, waking up to temperatures, 64 to 72 degrees. pretty great start with lower humidity, tomorrow afternoon, you'll see those numbers back to around that 90 degree mark. it will be warm, but a little less humid. there we go into the next couple days, as i mentioned, wednesday's looking good, but thursday and friday, fantastic. that's going to lead to another
5:20 pm
perfect backyard weather. we're going to be live in somebody's backyard this friday, if you'd like us to come to your backyard. e-mail us at you may need the umbrellas. >> okay. all right. >> thank you, doug. still ahead, defense workers are on the move, shuffling into the new mark center in alexandria. what's being done to avoid a traffic nightmare. the search is on for three siblings on the run. what a new text message reveals about their crime spree. snubbed by discount sites, a local county is fighting to get
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a nationwide manhunt is underway tonight for three siblings considered armed and dangerous. they've been on the run since a shooting of a police officer in florida who tried to pull them over for speeding. that was a week ago. the trio are also accused of robbing a bank in georgia using highpowered weapons. their mother has pleaded for them to turn themselves in. she told police she got a text message from her youngest son reading "at one point we all have to die." leaving home has become dangerous for a woman in central florida because she looks so
5:24 pm
much like casey anthony. con chet ta graves says she's a victim of mistaken identity. since anthony was acquitted of murder last month, she's been a victim of hateful speech and violence. she and her brother were attacked by three men in a pickup truck last week who were hollering baby killer. >> he was punching at me, i was punching at him. >> graves says while she thinks it's not fair, she's going to have to ditch her ponytail and sunglasses until the casey anthony craze ends. local officers demoted after 20 plus years with the force. and he says it all traces back to charlie sheen's tour stop in d.c. a suicide note sheds light on a murder suicide, and why a
5:25 pm
mother's ongoing battle with the school system may have triggered the crime. another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7.
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authorities in aruba questioning a man to the maryland woman's disappearance. robin gardiner went missing this
5:28 pm
week. 9 man she was vacationing with says she never returned after they were snorkeling. after yesterday's massive plunge, stocks rallied today, the dow closed 430 points higher, it follows the federal reserve's decision this afternoon to keep interest rates at record lows for two more years to support the still weak economy. >> thousands of job seekers showed up at the annual job fair. 100 government agencies and private companies were represented. d.c. delegate has sponsored the event. she calls it record breaking and heartbreaking. right now we're looking at a couple showers and thunderstorms out there. some of them starting to become a little more intense. you can see where that line is. fairfax county right now.
5:29 pm
the rain will continue to make its way toward the east at 20 to 30 miles an hour. we'll continue to watch out for these storms as they make their way through for the rest of the night. and then things change a whole lot toward the end of the weekend. it's a change we've all been waiting for. i'll show you my extended forecast in a minute. d.c. police chief kathy lanier has demoted the commander in charge of special operations. >> this comes on the heels of the charlie sheen escort controversy. tonight the captain is speaking out about his demotion. john schriffen is standing by with more. >> reporter: the captain has spent 21 years with the d.c. police department. he says it stings to hear the force no longer has confident in his leadership abilities. while he would not talk specifically about the charlie sheen escort incident. he told me after the fallout, d.c.'s top cop was out to get
5:30 pm
him. less than 24 hours after being demoted two ranks from commander to captain, he showed up at his new office in the medical unit next to prov dinse hospital in d.c. he's not bitter about his new role, but feels he was reasigned out of retaliation. >> it had nothing to do with my performance, but everything to do with my testimony before the council. >> reporter: it astems from the charlie sheen's escort when he rolled into town in april. one of his tweets that night showed police flying on the highway at over 80 miles per hour. after a lengthy investigation, the involved officers including burton, testified in front of the d.c. council that it was typical to escort celebrities. chief lanier said it was not the case, that higher ups needed to sign off. chief lanier said today, the sheen case has nothing to do
5:31 pm
with the demotion. >> there were certain matters involving hilton burton already under review, some going back to may. that kind of gave rise to us to be concerned about him in that command position. to include recommendation from his direct supervisor that he be removed from the position. >> burton says his situation doesn't make sense. >> all the issues that she said that led to my demotion were issues that occurred four or five months ago, that have been resolved. there's no investigation, no action taken against me in reference to it. to say that this is a direct result of something that occurred months and months ago, i don't believe it. >> captain burton says he has no intention of quitting the police department. he is currently talking to a lawyer about potentially filing a lawsuit. talk to you guys in the studio. >> john schriffen, thank you many. prince georges county police are trying to bust an organized shoplifting ring. the four people in these
5:32 pm
surveillance pictures keep stealing from the safeway in buoy. so far police say they grabbed several thousand dollars worth of items including detergent, health care product from the store. if you recognize oelt suspects you're asked to call the prince georges county police. a psychiatrist in montgomery county who police say killed her son and then herself left a suicide note. the bodies were found inside her kensington home last week. her sister says she left a note saying she could not deal with the school system any more, and she was deep in debt. jen folds family says she was in an ongoing battle with montgomery county schools because it would not pay tuition costs for her son to go to a school specializing in autism. she thought her son would be traumatized if she killed herself. the new school year is coming with three brand new schools for virginia's second largest district with the
5:33 pm
population growing. prince william county is opening three high schools this fall, including a state of the art building. julie carrie takes us for a tour. >> when you walk in the building, you can sense that this is not a building like anything else. there's lots of natural light, wide open spaces. >> one of three new buildings opening in the fall, and the rapidly growing western end of the county. some 81,000 students are expected next month district wide. that's 2,000 more kids than last year, in a school district that's already the second biggest in the commonwealth. patriot high school will offer a state of the art facility, to its first group of pioneers. >> the superintendents in the school board have a real focus on education. you look at this high school, you see the elements of the class. >> nearly 100 laptops will await students in the media center. when they need to collaborate on a project, they can huddle
5:34 pm
around these specially designed stations around a flat screen. there's also a connection between learning and healthy living. there are also a couple exercise bikes so students can log the miles as they count the pages. >> the culinary arts kitchen rivals some restaurants. the workout room will be open in the evening to parents. and take a look at the auditorium. >> hearing assist technology for hearing impaired. >> the boomerang can adapt to right handed or left handed students. whatever the learning environment dictates you can dictate the furniture too. >> when all the work is complete, there will be a sand volleyball court just outside these windows. >> coming up tonight at 6:00,
5:35 pm
we're going to introduce you to the former school board member whose childhood home is now home to the new high school. people in prince georges county say they're being snubbed by popular discount websites. representatives from the county executives office reached out to groupon and living social examination for more deals in the area. a livingsocial spokesman says deciding where to offer deals boils down to customer interest as well as the number and variety of local merchants. groupon says it has no news to share about increasing presence in prince gornls county, but deals have been featured there. on the hunt for a new job, you may want to spend more time on facebook. also ahead, it's painful condition. medicine can't treat it, surgery can sometimes make it worse. hear one
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looking for a new job? the big break could come through a social network. some businesses are turning to facebook as a way to find new employees. professional sites like linkedin are not in danger. facebook in this area is growing. they call it the worst pain there is in life, and no medication can make it go away.
5:39 pm
>> it's the result of a nerve injury on a spinal cord. it can happen after an accident or traumatic incident. >> doreen gentzler has one man's fight to get his life back. >> i was walking home, and a suburban swerved off the side of the road and hit me. >> it was a year ago when david morgan's life was changed forever. he was hit by a car that tossed him 20 feet into the air. he landed on his head and rolled into a ditch. police found him six hours later. >> the doctor said if i was there another hour, i probably would have bled to death. >> a severe concussion, a broken arm, but the most debilitating of all, was the nerves that run from his spine down to his shoulder, arm and hand. >> the nerve's literally pulled out of the spinal cord, that leads to a very severe pain syndrome, that is probably about
5:40 pm
the worst pain there is in life. >> it felt like my hand was in a vice and someone was squeezing it. on top of that, it felt like burning, like a knife in the finger kind of feeling. >> reporter: dr. ail opinion bellsburg, says even the strongest drugs can't numb this kind of pain. amputation doesn't work either, patients will feel in a same pain in their limb. >> some patients the pain does not get better, and if anything gets worse, those patients often become suicidal. >> there's one last option, surgery. but it's risky. patients can end up with par alice in other parts of their body. >> we have to go into the spinal cord, make a series of burns in the spinal cord to get rid of the area that's causing the pain. >> the pain was so bad i was willing to try it. he said worst case scenario i'd
5:41 pm
have a paralyzed leg. i'd trade the leg for the pain stopping. >> when he woke up -- >> i was amazed, the first thing i woke up and i had no pain in my hand, for the first time in a year. >> any pain in your shoulder, arm? >> zero. >> you can offer somebody pain relief, it is tremendously gratifying, you really do change their life. >> it's a whole new life. doors are opening. >> doreen gentzler, news 4. >> wow! doctors say there is a 10% risk with that surgery that patients will suffer some complications. >> david morgan does have some weakness in his leg because of the procedure, but with rehab, he should be walking fine in about a month. >> wow! good for him. they're packing up and moving in. tonight the first wave of defense workers have arrived at alexandria's new mark center. what's being done to deal with
5:42 pm
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breaking news concerning an american airlines flight bound for d.c. flight 734 from miami to washington was diverted to charleston international airport due to an emergency landing because of severe turbulence. >> the airline is preparing a new plane for the healthy passengers to continue on to reagan national later this
5:45 pm
eveni evening. the first wave of more than 6,000 defense workers are moving into their new homes. today's move is just a small step compared to the amount of workers that will be commuting there next year. >> it's the beginning of what many local and state officials see as a nightmare move that could cause gridlock on some of the area's major highways. >> these defense department workers heading into their new building tuesday morning, not exactly sure what to expect inside. >> we're about to find out. we're walking in for the first time. >> reporter: this is their new building at 17 stories, with an east and west wing. it's the tallest ever designed by the army corps of engineers. total cost, $1.1 billion. some defense workers scheduled to move in tuesday by mid september, 2300 will fill these
5:46 pm
offices. by the end of the year, more than 6,000. mark tillman woks next door are he's concerned about the influx of traffic the new building will bring. >> we've expanded our office hours from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. to give people flexibility, and we're expecting several hours of gridlock in the morning and afternoon. >> construction crews are wrapping up work before the big move in. kirsten johnson has watched all this construction, she's worked just a few buildings away for the past five years. >> originally it was all green space, beautiful. now these are the biggest buildings out here. expecting a lot of traffic. the entire process, there was dirt everywhere, and now there's landscaping. it's getting prettier. >> reporter: many of the road projects won't be done for several years, that includes an $80 million ramp connecting 395
5:47 pm
to seminary road. at the mark transit center, new dash and metro bus routes started monday. and a vdot task force will oversee traffic issues here, helping manage delays and coordinating transit service. >> it used to be a sleepy existence. now it's going to be overwhelmed. >> since employees are moving in in stages, any traffic issues aren't expected to start until mid september. in alexandria, melissa malee, news 4. we have strong storms out there now, making our way into prince georges county. one storm, as we look out toward the airport, off toward the east of the airport. let's take a look and show you what's happening outside right now. 93 degrees, winds out of the west at 13 miles per hour. a little warm and humid. you can see the storms, and the strongest storm now down around the waldorf area. you have a pretty strong storm, making its way right toward your
5:48 pm
area. this will move just to the south of piscataway. right now, right along 210, seeing pretty heavy rain, and you will see a little bit in the way of wind out of these. another storm out there toward route 5, as you make your way down to jenkins corner. we'll continue to make our way off to the south, can you see there around the brandywine region. this is is the biggest storm. watch out for those storms, we're going to continue to watch those as they make their way off to the east. they will provide heavy rain, at least a brief heavy downpour as it makes its way to the south and east. how about this, 91 degrees in washington, 88 tomorrow in manassas, it will be dry, it will be less humid, it will be a great day. the extended forecast, which does have some rain, unfortunately, for part of the weekend. i'll show you which part i think will be the better part coming up. >> thank you. redskins fans they are counting down, friday night we meet the steelers. >> here we go. dan's live at the park with more
5:49 pm
for us. dan? >> first preseason game of the year coming up friday night, you can see that game right here on nbc 4. because that first preseason game is so close, coaches have to release the unofficial first depth chart. starting quarterback at least for now, rex grossman. and at wide receiver, santana moss, no surprise here, the redskins number one target for the seventh straight year, santana actually the redskins third most tenured player behind chris cooley and mike sellers. 32 years young is santana moss. he recently sat down with lou holder. >> it ain't been an easy 11 years, but i can say the journey i took to get here, i appreciate if. learned so much, done so much, you don't probably hear this and
5:50 pm
that about me when it comes to what i've done. when it comes to what i've done, can you read it, you can look it up, and that's what i appreciate about it. i feel like my work, that i put out in on the field speaks louder than my words. >> during the offseason, you were adamant about coming back here for your seventh season. why this situation? what about d.c. made you so adamant you had to come back? >> you know, you can say that i've been here long enough to -- i've been through the good, i've been through the bad. it's not necessarily to say that every time someone says it's time to go, it's time to go. just because i don't have a ring here, don't mean i won't get a ring somewhere else. i never been a big believer about pabing up and leaving because something wasn't going good. >> for a long time it was the three musketeers, you, shawn taylor and clinton portis. shawn's obviously gone and clinton, this is your first training camp in a while without
5:51 pm
those guys. >> it's just you. >> it's a little different. >> you know, it is. but you don't think about it like that. those guys are going, and you can always miss them, they'll never be forgotten. at the end of the day, there's a job to be done. i wake up in the morning, put on my work hat, and say it's time to go to work. i feel like it's a privilege to be here with the younger guys coming in, even the younger um guys coming in, because i get a chance to get him the feedback they might need, when it comes to someone they may know about, everyone doesn't get the opportunity. just being the guy that i am, a lot of people say he's soft spoken. but -- because i don't say a lot around a lot of people. i talk a lot. i talk enough. >> i know this. >> i say it when it's time to be said and when it's time to be heard. >> let's go to work.
5:52 pm
hit him in the mouth. big k's on three. >> this is your 11th year, could it be your best? >> every year i try to get better, honestly, i never put nothing in front of nothing and say i want to do more of this, do more of that. i just always -- the state of my mind, you never -- enough is never enough, you always want to get better. knowing the way i like wine, they say the older the wine, the finer the taste. may be. >> if you're a fan of the redskins, you're definitely a fan of santana moss. perhaps no player on this team more passionate than that monan. we're going to have a lot more coming up at 6:00 from training camp, and we'll hear from rex grossman, the guy who could have to get santana moss the ball this year. who doesn't like santana moss, that's what i want to know. >> let's find out what's going on at 6:00.
5:53 pm
jim joins us with a preview. some fishermen rescued after a very rough day out on the water. police in fairfax county are releasing a new clue, they hope it could help solve a murder mystery there. back in may an ef-5 tornado ripped through joplin, miss, power of that awesome storm. those stories and more comes up tonight at 6:00. it's impossible not to like santana moss. all together, talking pro. >> he sure is. just hope he gets a quarterback. >> the other half of him. >> that would help him a lot. >> home team. we'll see you in a few. a man uses a blog to go after his ex-wife. and now there's a new legal fight brewing. >> find out what a judge is saying about his online
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a pennsylvania man has turned a very personal battle with his ex-right into a public fight over his fifth amendment rights. amy has more on the divorce debacle. >> reporter: often at odds with one another, alison morelli sums up her relationship with anthony morelli this way. >> the whole marriage was vol
5:57 pm
tail. >> reporter: the battle for custody of their two boys whose identities the morelli's don't want to reveal has raged on ever since. a private matter that anthony decided to blog about in 2007. >> i wanted to connect with other people who were going through similarly high conflict divorce and custody situations. i thought the best way to connect with them would be through the internet. >> although he never identified alison or himself online. the blog left little to the connection. >> i tried to convey the feelings at that time, in a way that connects with people in similar situations. there are untold lesions of families going through this. >> the blog was a detailed account of his marriage, divorce, and custody battle with his pew, psycho ex-wife
5:58 pm
describing her as jabba the hut with less personality. >> i tried to invent a forum whereby through our collective experiences we could help minimize the conflict in our lives, choose better ways to deal with our high conflict ex-spouses, be they men or women. >> no matter what i do. there's a negative spin somehow. >> at a custody hearing in june where both are fighting for primary custody, he is publicly criticizing his ex-wife. there are certain steps that can
5:59 pm
be taken to minimize any potential impact on the children. shutting down the community is unacceptable. >> alison is grateful the psycho ex-wife website is down and she hopes it stays that way. >> no court date has been set on morelli's appeal of the shut down of his website. they're saying that foul play could be involved in the disappearance of a woman from maryland and in the island nation of locked up has a troubled past with former relationships. >> president barack obama making a final trip

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